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my neighbor hit the bumper off my car
July 26, 2008, 7:41 pm
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and i feel silly saying “my car”

because shit

what is mine?

last night there was a knock at my door

and my neighbor

out of breath

for some reason

(he shouldn’t have been winded,

he only lives next door).


he had hit my car

with his car

and now my car

struggled painfully in front of my house

saturday is now car-fixing day

(yesterday was margarita friday)

i’m going to see if my car can be put back together

like humpy dumpty

and so many broken hearts


does anyone know how to put blank spaces up in this shit?

a visual pregnant pause seems impossible on this weblog


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people seeing the white volvo
without a bumper didn’t say “oh, shit”
or “what a drag”
they were worried about lorna –
thinking about that makes me think “whoopie do”
‘tho i know not having a car is
a drag

Comment by linda

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