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August 3, 2008, 9:27 am
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there is a cool episode of the radio show “this american life” that deals with this same idea. the stories stretch from light to thought-provoking. i enjoyed listening to it. the program is a great one, overall. ira glass is the host. he’s dope. he put out a comic book about how to make a cool radio show. i’m reading it on and off right now. it’s super short. it’s my purse book. fits perfectly.


i used to think that kroq and mtv were the same thing, you blow bubbles out of your mouth and not your nose when you’re swimming, if i rubbed butts with my friends when i was in elementary school that our butts would switch for a little bit, and that bush jr. would never get a second term.


Write about a misconception you had as a child. Maybe you thought the devil lived in the basement, that people were saying “peas on earth,” your grandfather was a vampire. Mistakes make great art!


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it seems to me that you should have done more swimming with your elementary school friends – butt to butt

Comment by linda

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