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fake spider webs everywhere
October 31, 2008, 3:46 am
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and i’m happy they’re fake
i’d be almost obnoxiously
or just plain up obnoxiously

if the fake spider webs
were real spider webs

i don’t know why spider webs and spiders scare me
i could guess
or i could expalin
it’s interesting how startled I am
when i see a skeleton of a spider
and then i see its web

and i feel as though
i am the voyeour

the spider was just chillin
and i walked right in
i want to say, “excuse me”
but i’m too scared to talk

after the inital scream


It’s not 3:15
October 3, 2008, 5:09 pm
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Monday at 3:15 I was in a class discussing writing and teaching writing.  I shared a memoir I wrote about a professor’s comment freshman year.  I was hesitant to read what I wrote aloud to the class because I made a conscious effort to be honest in that assignment.  I’m always honest, but I tried to be honest without omission.  I still omitted.

Tuesday at 3:15 I realized that I do not have enough units to graduate next semester.  Between 3:15 and 3:30 I accepted that fact.

Wednesday at 3:15 I was at work.  I was helping some SC freshman create a lesson plan to teach political science to middle school students.

Thursday at 3:15 I was at work.  I was editing through my writing to see what I am going to submit to Palaver.  Many of my stories are too long.  The irony is that I typically write stories that are too short — but last semester I made an effort to lengthen my pieces.

Thursday at 3:15 in the morning I was watching It’s Always Sunny in Philadalphia (sp?) with my roommates, recoving from my pizza bite binge.  preparing to brush my teeth.