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jane 5 – Louisa May Alcott
January 6, 2009, 6:51 am
Filed under: Authors, Louisa May Alcott, Reading, Writing

I like reading about the lives of authors.  Although I’d like to think I can seperate an author’s character etc from that author’s work, I’m not quite certain this is the most enjoyable, nor most appropriate way to approach a text (or any work of art for that matter).

Anywho, Louisa May Alcott is the shit.  I haven’t read that much about her, but from what I do know, she’s super duper impressive and cool.  She used to chill with Emerson and Thoreau at Walden Pond.  She wrote her famous novel, Little Women a chapter a day with a pen on fucking paper on a lil ol’ desk by a window in her room.  She was super young when she did this, too,

and if you ask me: louisa_may_alcott_headshot

she was kind of hot.

I’m only on the “A”s in this great coffee table book of author’s houses that my glorious mom found.  I’m sure more exciting incomplete biographies of authors are to come!



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