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no nuns allowed
January 23, 2009, 9:18 am
Filed under: art, Michael Hussar, mummies, nuns, Ragazzi Room

i don’t understand why she thought the painting of the nun wasimg_2784 offensive because she was catholic. you’d think she’d be down for nuns if she were catholic. sure, the nun isn’t pretty, but i don’t think nuns are known to be pretty.

regardless of how illogical i believe this woman’s reaction to be, i removed the painting from the ragazzi room.   the nun is now in my room and can watch me while i sleep. her glowing blue eye (yes, only one) and pink eyelids are a bit creepy and looked better on the walls of the ragazzi room.  her thick smile is endearing, however, and we may become friends.

i’m going to put this bad boy back up for the Your Art Opening on the 31st.  Fo sho.

(painting by monique trudeau, “michael hussar copy self-portrait of hans memling adaptation – $175)